Find a co-founder, launch a company, win!

Tech Catalyst helps you find a co-founder, validate an idea, and raise a venture round in 6 months


We bet on people, not companies.

The problem

Tech Catalyst was founded to allow people who know secrets about the world to build the companies of tomorrow. Some of the best people can’t just quit what they’re doing start a company cold. We are here to change that.

What we do

We bring together a cohort of skilled individuals in Ann Arbor, give them a fellowship to find a co-founder and build a company, invest in them ourselves, and then help them raise a venture round of funding.

Who we are

We are a team of experienced entrepreneurs and investors, academics, and advisors based out of Ann Arbor, MI who have been involved in companies like Symbio Robotics, Skyryse, Magic Leap, and NASA.

The Program

Fellowship, healthcare, a co-founder, office space, advisors, investors, and everything you need to build a venture back-able company

Who should apply?

Have you ever wanted to start a company but didn't know how or with who? If yes, Tech Catalyst was made for you. We are looking for ambitious, skilled people who want to stray from the beaten path. People who want to start a company but don’t have a co-founder, or have no clue where to start.

Apply by March 31st

Now is your chance to build the next big thing. Apply by March 31st at 11:59PM EST to be considered for the 2020 cohort.

Admissions are rolling until our 30 person cohort is full. Don't procrastinate, apply now!

Apply Here

Be in Ann Arbor by May 18th

If admitted into the cohort, you would be required to be in Ann Arbor for 6 months while you go through our in-person accelerator program. We will assist with the transition and making connections with other members in the cohort including roommate matching. If you live in Detroit or the surrounding areas, you must be able to commute to Ann Arbor daily.

Commit Full Time

Tech Catalyst is a 6 month, full time program, that has to be done entirely in Ann Arbor. That means you will be focused on building your dream startup full time. While here, you and your future co-founders will be working out of our downtown Ann Arbor space for both parts of our program.

Act 1: Co-Founder Dating & Idea Validation

During the first three months you will find a co-founder, brainstorm, test ideas, and do extensive customer research. Everybody who is accepted into the program gets a fellowship during the first three months that covers living expenses and healthcare.


If you’ve moved fast, found a co-founder, and have a strong idea, you’ll get pre-seed funding and continue with the program.

Act 2: Accelerator

Months 4-6 will be spent primarily building your product or service. We will provide you with the mentors, capital, and direction to win. This is your grind time. A heads down cycle of selling and building.


After 6 months of full time work on your company, it is time to show it off and make it big. The program culminates with a Demo Day attended by the top investors from around the Country. There you'll kick off fund raising for your seed round.


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Our Team

Meet the founders of Tech Catalyst

Mitch Adler

Mitch is a True Blue Wolverine with degrees in Computer Engineering and Entrepreneurship from University of Michigan. He’s fascinated by the disruptive potential of deep tech innovations and founded his first company in Ann Arbor. Over the past several year’s Mitch has been a founder and early employee at Bay Area robotics and autonomous transportation companies, most notably Symbio Robotics and Skyryse.

Ben Reinhardt

Ben is a space-robot doctor, medieval historian, and thing-maker by training. His resume is weird: He’s done talent investing in Singapore with Entrepreneur First, started an elder care robotics company, tried to make the world more magical doing deep learning and product at Magic Leap, and did stints at Susa Ventures and NASA among other things.